Striker Control Device: Ano ito? Gimmick lang ba ito or Useful?

Ano ito? and Gimmick lang ba ito or Useful? Addional safety feature or Marketing Hype?

This is purely for the love of the Philippine “PEW PEW” Community and the Ruger PC Carbine and PC Charger Community. I hope this video could be of help to you as it did to me.  I would love to get your inputs too if I miss any. Kindly email them to or send a message to our Facebook Page TactiCooL on a Budget and credits will be given to the contributors, of course!

My Ruger PC Carbine’s Sexy New Buffer Tube

For a long time, Ive been searching for a Red Buffer tube that has a Sexy design but it doesn’t have to break my bank account because 1.) Im on a Budget 😉 and 2.) Ruger PC Carbine only uses the buffer tube as a holder of the buttstock (it DOESN’T use a buffer system to cycle like an AR15/AR9).

I finally found a Sexy Red buffer tube for my Ruger PC Carbine that is in the right price and the right weight for my need.

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My new rifle bag by Rockspec Gear

Here is my new rifle bag that i like a lot! It has ample number of zippers and pouches that helps me in organizing my things for the range, my magazines, my water bottle as well as my spent brass casings. It was very well built and well thought-of design plus zipper is YKK so opening and closing the zippers are quick and easy

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Emergency/Temporary replacement Safety Spring for Ruger PC Carbine and Ruger 10/20

I planned my February 23, 2020 to be a lazy Sunday as Im done with all my task for the week. My only agenda for the day was to clean and prep my Ruger PC Carbine for a Level 3 match on the 27th.

After I had my morning coffee over breakfast, its game time for the cleaning process. All things were going as planned and the cleaning was UNUSUALLY relaxing (those who know me knows how much i dislike cleaning my guns, its just something I needed to do) until i accidentally twisted the safety button while cleaning the unattached trigger assembly and the safety detent and spring flew across the room and at that point hell’s gates opened for a very stressful day ahead.

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My Ruger PC Carbine model 19100 is now in AR form

This is the evolution of my Ruger PC Carbine model 19100. I built this little by little in a span of 2+yrs but I competed with it since the beginning.

This is an update to my TactiCooL on a (very over) Budget Ruger PC Carbine Competition build article I made last July 10, 2019.

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Tanfoglio FT9: Disassembly and Cleaning [in Filipino]

Ang Tanfoglio FT9 ay isang firearm na very capable at masarap gamitin pero medyo kailangan mo ding aralin para baklasin at linisin ito. Ever since nag post ako about sa Pink na Tanfoglio FT9 ni Mrs. TactiCooL, marami nang nag request sa akin na gumawa ng cleaning videos guide at nag promise naman akong gagawa pero medyo nabusy lang talaga. But since promises are promises, so today tutuparin ko ito in a form of a How-to video sa baba na around 34 minutes long. Medyo mahaba pero I assure you na sulit ang oras na ibibigay mo dito.

P’wedeng pwede din itong gamitin as guide ng pag lilinis ang Armscor MAP/MAPP1 series dahil sobrang halos pareha lang sila ng parts.

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Part 1 of 2: OWB Holster for Mrs. TactiCooL’s Tanfoglio FT9 (English-Filipino Video)

After binilhan natin si Mrs. TactiCooL ng kanyang Pink Tanfoglio FT9 naturally, ang susunod naming gagawin is pupunta kami ng range para makapag practice sya. Pero ang problema ay wala akong ma’hanap na holster para mismo sa Tanfoglio FT9 dahil hindi ito well-known model kahit napaganda ng features nila.

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