My Ruger PC Carbine model 19100 is now in AR form

This is the evolution of my Ruger PC Carbine model 19100. I built this little by little in a span of 2+yrs but I competed with it since the beginning.

This is an update to my TactiCooL on a (very over) Budget Ruger PC Carbine Competition build article I made last July 10, 2019.

External Parts

  • Infitech Sweden AB‘s AR-style chassis
  • Tandemkross Game Changer Pro Compensator
  • Thomas Machine and Design Modified Aero Precision Handguard (will shift to Infitech handguard when budget allows)
  • Holosun 510c red dot
  • Taccom Extended Charging Handle
  • Tandemkross Titan Magazine Release
  • Tandemkross Victory Trigger (shoe)
  • Magpul MOE M-Lok MVG vertical grip
  • Magpul MOE SL (slim line) pistol grip
  • Fab Defense GLR-16 buttstock salvaged from my KPOS G2 M4 model
  • Gloryfire Brass Catcher

Internal Parts

  • MCarbo Extra Power Recoil Spring
  • MCarbo Shock Buffer
  • MCarbo Trigger springs kit
  • MCarbo A2 Steel Pin Kit

To be attached/Spare:

  • MCarbo Exact Edge Extractor
  • Tandemkross Upgraded Receiver Krosspins
  • Red Buffer tube to compliment with my red trigger shoe
  • Holosun 507c mounted in 35 degree so it will not be covered by the Brass catcher.

Majority of the upgrades parts can be provided by Gears on a Budget. You send a direct message for inquiries through this link: Msg Gears on a Budget

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