TactiCooL on a (very over) Budget Ruger PC Carbine Competition build

Build components:

  • Tandemkross Game Changer Pro 9mm Compensator [Product Link]
  • Thomas Machine and Designs modified Aero Precision handguard [Product Link]
  • Vortex Venom 6moa (no box β€”with rubber cover in 45 degree position as secondary optic for hard to reach angles [TactiCooL on a Budget]
  • NightStrike Diamonback Angled Fore Grip (the most comfortable angled fore grip ive used) [Product Link]
  • Holosun 510C as primary optic [Bandit Tactical or Tactical Precision Trading]
  • Taccom3g Big Button + Tactical button mag release (i removed the big button as its prone to accidental mag release for me β€” i recommend their Tactical version) [Competition Package no comp – Product Link]
  • Taccom3g Flared Magwell (removed in picture for cleaning) [Competition Package no comp – Product Link]
  • Taccom3g Extended Charging handle on the left side (stock charging handle is on the right side) [Product Link]
  • Tandemkross Victory Trigger in Red (still using stock sear spring. MCarbo and Tandemkross sear springs are not yet tested nor fitted) [Product Link]
  • Taccom3g competition buttstock pad (non-sticky unlike the stock) [Competition Package no comp – Product Link]
  • BlackRapid R-Strap DSLR used as rifle sling. It has more padding for the weight and and much easier to shift the rifle from right to left.
  • 31 rounder Glock OEM magazine with MBX Mega Basepad in Black (+26 = Total of 57)
  • 31 rounder Glock OEM magazine with Taylor Freelance Goliath basepad in Blue (+20 = Total of 51)


  • Vortex VMX-3T 3x Magnifier for courses longer than 50meters (cant see clearly beyond that distance) [Masterchief Enterprises]

Missing component:

  • AR-style chassy from Infitech Sweden or Midwest Industries

Pictures for souvenir before everything goes back to stock when i return to Ruger for replacement via Tactical Corner Inc. (official distributor in PH πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­) due to the Armscor Shooting Center Davao squib bullet incident last September 11, 2018 that damaged my barrel. Ruger and Tactical Corner Inc know that im using this for competition so for my safety, they wanted to replace the whole firearm not just my damaged barrel. Impressive customer service shown by both companies something the culprit company seem to not know anything about.

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Brands/Company names mentioned never paid me to use their products.
Choosing to use them stemmed from lots of research and/or personal preference.
Information sharing only.

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    • Hello Marvin, the official Ruger distributor in the Philippines is Tactical Corner Inc. Its AFAD gunshow now so best if you contact them to avail of their gunshow discounts. I usually contact them in Facebook or through their Davao City Stores.
      Its best to buy from them directly so you will have full customer support IF there is a problem. Just like what happened to me when Armscor Shooting Center Davao provided me with a defective bullet that damaged my barrel on the very first day of use after firing 6 bullets (September 11, 2018). Since Tactical Corner deals directly with Ruger, they were able to let Ruger know of my problem, tried to find a solution for it and luckily and I was approved for a replacement firearm. Although its still case to case basic but that is the Peace of mind you get if you buy from the authorized distributor.
      There might be shops that sells the Ruger PC Carbine a few thousand less than Tactical Corner Inc but i will not exchange my Peace of Mind for just a few thousand less in the price.
      Hope that helps! πŸ™‚ ✌️ πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­

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