My Ruger PC Carbine’s Sexy New Buffer Tube

For a long time, Ive been searching for a Red Buffer tube that has a Sexy design but it doesn’t have to break my bank account because 1.) Im on a Budget 😉 and 2.) Ruger PC Carbine only uses the buffer tube as a holder of the buttstock (it DOESN’T use a buffer system to cycle like an AR15/AR9).

I finally found a Sexy Red buffer tube for my Ruger PC Carbine that is in the right price and the right weight for my need.

Please take note of #2 item above before you go blasting me for using a non-“real steel” part on my “real steel” gun. Yes this is an airsoft part. If this is something that will cause you to go ballistic, click here now to go back to Google.

Otherwise, this is the installation video:

If youre going to ask me why i went the airsoft route, my logic behind it are:

  • Weight — Milspec buffer tubes are heavier than the Airsoft buffer tubes because they take a beating from compressing and decompressing of the buffer system every time you pull the trigger. The is why the Milspec buffer tubes need to be more sturdier thus having extra weight. For Ruger PC Carbine, just like in Airsoft rifles, there is no such action taking place in the cycling process. I just need something to hold my rifle’s buttstock so I can freely use a lighter airsoft buffer tube and no issues are expected from it.
  • Cost — Milspec buffer tubes cost around four times the price of the Airsoft buffer tubes. The Primary use of my Ruger PC Carbine is for competition is so Im not willing to shell out that much for this specific part for that specific use. Why will I want to pay four times as much for something that is just going to hold my rifle’s buttstock? Besides, Airsoft guys put their rifles more punishment than my competition rifle will ever experience in its lifetime.

I hope this helps. Stay safe and be well, gunbrothers ✌️ 🙂 🇵🇭

This is purely for the love of the Philippine “PEW PEW” Community and the Ruger PC Carbine and PC Charger Community. I hope this video could be of help to you as it did to me.  I would love to get your inputs too if I miss any. Kindly email them to or send a message to our Facebook Page TactiCooL on a Budget and credits will be given to the contributors, of course!

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