About this blog

Disclaimer: This website/blog mainly talks about my beliefs, practices, perceptions, experiences, view, etc toward being prepared, self defense, tactical matters, and firearms. Things may have factual basis but to be on the safe side, expect that things may have already been diluted or slanted to my personal biases. However, I promise not to do it on purpose and I will edit/correct myself when I catch myself.

I am NOT a member of the PNP nor the AFP nor a blackops operator. Im also NOT a member of any paramilitary organization nor left-leaning nor right-leaning. Im just in the center. An ordinary Filipino who loves my country and my family, and Im just minding my own business. 

TactiCooL on a Budget is geared towards those who are overgrown Boy Scouts like me who still wasn’t able to let go of that “always prepared” motto but has more pressing priorities in life to fund leaving behind a very tight budget for tacticool stuffs. But having a tight budget doesn’t mean I will be a sitting duck who will beg for his life when sh*t hits the fan.

Quality, FunctionalityPracticality and tons of research will always be the backbone of my posts since I dont have extra money to throw away for trial and error.

I hope you will enjoy reading my ideas! This is just a hobby and its meant to be for fun 🙂
If you need to contact me, you may do so preferably via my Facebook Page:  TactiCooL on a Budget

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