Getting a Threat Assessment and Applying for PTCFOR for a civilian non-Metro Manila person

I was recently PM’d by a fellow Facebook group page member Im actively a participating to, asking how I acquired my Threat Assessment. I tried to be as detailed as possible with my answer to him.
However continually still see the same question being asked by other people. So for my first contribution to the “beng beng” community I will share my personal account, step by step and as detailed as I can, on how to process it yourself for everybody’s consumption who has the same questions I had.

Getting a Threat Assessment

Terminologies and Assumptions:
A. Davao City Police Office (DCPC) – Main police office/barracks for my city
B. Sta. Ana Police Station — the nearest police station to me within DCPO
C. Police Regional Office (PRO) 11
D. M2 – DCPO intelligence office
E. R3 – PRO 11 intelligence office
F. Intelligence office’s code names for your city/municipality and regional offices may be different
G. These are all based on my experience and 2nd hand information from credible people. Your experience MAY differ from mine.

First: I went to Sta Ana Police Station’s intelligence officer to inquire about Threat Assessment. He said thats not part of their duties and not sure who among DCPO or PRO 11 handles it but advised me to try DCPO intelligence office (M2) first since its nearest to me compared to PRO 11 which even if its still within Davao City but its 11KM away.

Second: I gave the M2 office a visit as advised. Then the in charge said I have to prepare a letter of intent addressed to PRO 11 R3’s (find out who is the head of that office of course) requesting for a threat assessment for the purpose of PTCFOR. Then he advise me that after submitting, try to follow up within a week at M2 if your request has been granted. Leave your number and get the in charge’s number of course.
IMPORTANT: Make sure to make a good connection to the M2 in charge because he will be one who will assess you once the order from R3 to do so. R3 will just read his assessment and from there they will know if they are going to give you a recommendation to prrocess your application for PTCFOR in Camp Crame OR NOT.

Third: Prepare the letter of intent and submit it to R3. I it made as detailed as possible why I want to carry a firearm on a daily basis. Make two copies of the letter. Submit 1 of the copies of your letter to R3 and have the one who received your letter write his name, sign and put the date on the other copy so you have a proof they received it. Remember that being a somewhat psychologist is part of the job of these intelligence officers so be mindful of your words. I strongly believe your letter is already the first part of your assessment.
IMPORTANT: A.) Dont forget to put your contact info at the bottom of your signature in the letter so they can contact you of course and get their number too for easier follow-ups. B.) [Personal move] For good measures I made a photocopy of my R3 received letter of intent and submitted it to the M2 in charge so he will know what I stated in the letter if so happen he wont receive a copy of it. Id appreciate the gesture if I were him as it makes their job easier in my opinion.

A sample of that letter has can be found in myย Request Letter for application of Threat Assessment (SAMPLE)ย article.

Fourth: Wait for the M2 in charge’s text or follow up after a week if theres nothing from him. If there is nothing yet after a week, follow up with the regional office. Sit and wait again for another week and then follow up again.

Fifth: When M2 received the approval of my intent to have threat assessment for the purpose of PTCFOR from R3, since I was able to connect earlier with the intelligence officer, he casually sent me a text saying (Translated from Bisaya) “sir na-approve na ang iyong request. dalhin mo na ang mga ito dito sa office:
A. Proofs of threat — copy of blotter(s), affidavit from your lawyer that you have an on-going case filed in court against someone especially if the case seems to be getting hot and heavy, printscreen/screenshot and printed copy of sms/text messages of threats against you if you received such, and other proofs you have to support your request.

Warning: this is the police intelligence office you are dealing with so any or all falsified documents, made up blotters, etc can be used to file a case against you if they will find out.

B. copy of your LTOPF certificate (No Temp Certs)
C. Copy of your FA registration (No Temp Certs)
D. Copy of your valid major government ids
E. Copy of BIR’s COR, DTI certificate , or SEC Certificate — Articles and Bylaws for corporation type of business owners to show your position in the company. Otherwise, certificate of employment especially for risky jobs within the company

Sixth: Sit and wait again for another 1-2weeks. Then I received a call of Police Regional Office XI – R3 saying “sir please pickup your threat assessment dito sa office” which I did right away. The regional intelligence office gave it to me and said, “konting ingat lang may threat ka pala sir bata pa naman anak natin (because my daughter was with me then when I picked the T.A.) and ikaw na lang hatid nito sa Camp Crame kasi di pa tayo nakaka process nito dito ngayon sa regional. Nag promise man si General Bato na magkakaroon din soon. So sa renewal baka dito na.

1. Time – to research who to address the letter of intent for TA for PTCFOR. Go to their website, visit them yourself if its near you or go to your area’s main police office’s (DCPO M2 for me) intelligence office because they know who their counterpart in the regional office or at least give you the right telephone number to call.
2. Time – to produce all needed documents
3. Time – to go back and forth to city police office and regional police office. Take note of people and telephone/cellphone numbers to cut you some of the time from this item
4. Time – to sit and wait for a response and follow up as well.
5. Effort – to do items #1-4
6. Money – Zero for request from both DCPO and PRO-XI.
7. Money – Minimal for photocopy of blotters and printing of supporting documents
8. Money – gas/pamasahe is quite significant for me because davao city is like 5-6 metro manila cities combine. I live in the south part of which is near to DCPO but PRO-XI is in the northern tip of the city some 11KM away. Good thing i only needed to go there twice (submit request and claiming TA)

Applying for PTCFOR in Camp Crame for a non-Metro Manila person

1ST STEP: Prepare following:
– Certificate for FA Reg. (NO TEMP Certs)
– Certificate of LTOPF (NO TEMP Certs),
IMPORTANT: Scan and Print those certificates in Color (no fast drafts colored prints) so you dont have to have it authenticated from FED in Camp Crame. Will save you a ton of time because the queue in FED is hellishly long. You will have to have it authenticated if its Black and White. Just make sure you separate the original from colored copy. If you did it right, they will all look the same in the end.

  • Valid NBI Clearance for Firearms– I used the Personal Copy of the NBI clearance left to me when I applied for LTOPF. It was a Firearms purpose (the orange colored one) NBI Clearance. Not sure if non-Firearms purpose (the green colored one) NBI Clearances will be accepted. Forgot to ask.
  • Your Threat Assessment
  • Place it in a LONG WHITE FOLDER. You can buy this near the PTCFOR office though.
  • [OPTIONAL] Prepare an SPA authorizing someone you know in Metro Manila who will be able to get your PTCFOR in behalf of you. As per the in charge, Authorization Letters are not accepted. Heres a sample:ย Editable SPA for claiming PTCFOR card with a proxy
  • I prepared the a copy of SEC Articles and Bylaws just in case they will ask for it. They did asked for it but its just for spelling verification only because my corporation’s name is quite hard to spell.
  • Taxi Cellphone App (Grab or Uber) – for those who dont know how to go around in Metro Manila (or too afraid to bullshit it out with the regular taxies). Its much more cheaper than Airport Taxi. Grab is my favorite and I prefer using Grab CAR option over Grab Taxi.

2ND STEP: Book a flight to Manila. I booked the earliest flight out of Davao City (4:30am) which arrives in Manila around 6:30am. Why? TRAFFIC! I want an early head start. With this from NAIA, Pasay City to Camp Crame, Quezon City, I got there around 8am.

3RD STEP: Go in to Camp Crame Gate 2 in Col. Bonny Serrano Ave. Its the gate where people are getting DI Clearances. Why? Because its where the Grab Car dropped me. Then I went ahead Dora The Explorer mode from there. I discovered that PTCFOR office is nearer there than the other gates.

4TH STEP: When you enter the Gate 2, go straight then turn right. You will see a parking lot in (filled with motorcycles that time) front of you and the Emergency Room building behind it. Our destination is a the back of that Emergency Room building. Move a few steps forward then there is a above-covered walkway on your left. Go there and cross the street to the other side where theres another above-covered walkway. Turn right after crossing the street and go straight. At the end of the walkway you have two options: turn left (Going to Firearms and Explosives Div) or cross the street, go and CROSS the street! After crossing the street (no more above-covering) you will see a white wall with steps and an office door at the end of the steps. Look to your right theres a big gate (blue i think — which is the back of the Emergency Room building) then you will see that between where you are standing and the big gate theres a road going down hill then at the end theres another gate which has a big tarpaulin saying “PTCFOR”. Obviously thats our destination.

5TH STEP: Since its around 8am I was one of the first people there. Go ahead to Window 1 for verification of requirements. That time theres a handful of people there queuing/lining up but they are mostly waiting for Window 2 to open at 10am.So dont be shy to ask if they are lining up for Window 1 or not so you wont waste your time where their transaction is different from yours. If your Certificate for FA Reg and LTOPF are black/white, they will send you to FED for authentication but if its a colored (looking like the original) certificate and all your requirements are there, they will tell you to go on the office. Go in pass the air conditioned waiting area, to that left door near the TV in front. Give the LONG WHITE FOLDER containing all your requirements to the in charge (encoder?) in the office. He will type your info which you will see the things is he typing in front of you through a monitor . Make sure everything is he is typing is correct. Then he will take a picture of you using a webcam. You can see how you look so make the most out of it. If everything is good, he will then print your PTCFOR application form.

6th STEP: Have your PTCFOR application form be notarized. Its within the same room, in the corner where a young lady is seated. After notarization, go outside the office and turn left. At the end there is a photocopy machine (they also have the long white folder and some other stuff like yosi, mineral water and candy) where you can have your notarized photocopied. Have 2pcs copy of it. Then go back in to the office and submit one (1) of the photocopies to the lady who notarized it.

7TH STEP: Go back out of the office and proceed to Window 1. Submit your long white folder containing all your requirement plus the original notarized PTCFOR application form and the remaining photocopy of it. The in charge will put a received date on the photocopy of your application form. Thats your proof that you submitted it and you claim stub as well for Order to Pay later. He will then tell you wait for 2-3 weeks to approval to get the Order to Pay (OP) and advise you to take note of the PTCFOR hotline number for follow-ups. I started at around 8am and finished the application process roughly around 8:45am.

[Optional] 8TH STEP: Have your received notarized PTCFOR application form photocopied just so you have a backup copy. I also took phone pictures of it for worst case scenario. You know, its rainy season.

Possible Questions:

1.) So I should go back to Camp Crame to pay once it is approved? — Yes or make use of the SPA you prepared above. I have no one to do it for me from my friends/family so I asked for the assistance of Isagani Collado (Facebook account:
[Important] Tell him you were recommended by Arjay Talosig/TactiCooL on a Budget so he will know you didn’t just pop-out of some random cave or something.

2.) So when will I pay — After you get the notice that it has been approved. Bring your received notarized PTCFOR application form and go to PTCFOR office Window 2 to get your Order to Pay (OP) and use it to pay to Landbank. I dont know where is Landbank there in the area. This info (#2) is just based on what they told me. I havent reached this part yet so I have not 100% sure.

[Important] Take a photo of your Special Bank Receipt (SBR) after you paid for it in Landbank because they are going to take this. I was told that this is your only proof that your PTCFOR is not fake or unpaid when sh*t suddenly hits the fan for whatever reason. You can ask/remind sir Isagani Collado about this but usually he does this automatically.

3.) Is being a Sports Shooter and PPSA membership card holder is/can be a substitute to Threat Assessment? — The in charge said a definite “NO”. Actually the people inside the office kind of laughed at me when I asked the question. Then he said, “All new applications sir need Threat Assessment. Only time T.A. is not needed is when youre renewing your PTCFOR. Kawawa kayo kung nag travel kayo ng malayo then mali your requirements na dala nyo.

4.) If youre a sports shooter and youre applying/renewing for PTCFOR, can you request for a higher allowed ammos to be carried than the usually issued “50 ammunitions” stated in recently released PTCFOR Im seeing from other? — No sir. Not at the moment. We dont know when that option will be available again but as per our latest memo its just 50 ammos because we received a lot of reports where PTCFOR holders who are also sport shooters LTOFP holders are abusing this when we issued more than 50 ammo before.” Quoting and translating the words of the in charge as verbatim as I can..
As of October 2017 when I renewed my PTCFOR, they now allow with additional fee of course. Heres how to request for it:

  • After receiving the sms from PTCFOR office that your application has been approved, go back to PTCFOR Window 2 to get receive your OP.
  • Tell them you are a sport shooter and you want the sport shooter 500 rounds.
  • They will require you to show your
    • LTOPF with Sport Shooter classification
    • Gun Club ID
  • Pay P1,500 additional on top of your P6,200 PTCFOR fee.

Good luck! ๐Ÿ™‚


  • Possible Questions #1: Added the name of recommended contact person who can help those out of towners like myself.
  • Possible Questions #2: Added the tip to take a picture of your SBR after paying
  • Possible Questions #4: Added how to request for the sport shooter 500 rounds
  • Added a featured picture. Photo Credit goes to Isagani Collado. Thanks sir!
  • Added a link to a sample of the Request Letter for Threat Assessment

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    • Hello Jun. Im very sorry for the very late reply. Im not getting notices that there are people replying to my post.
      anyway, it took my application 20-25days to be approved. i would suggest you do this:
      1.) find someone in metro manila who you can ask favors from that includes going to crame, paying in landbank, going back to crame and then going to lbc to send your id card
      2.) prepare a Special Power of Attorney for that someone to give him full power to transact with PTCFOR office in your behalf with regards to your application for PTCFOR. NOTE: authorization letters are NOT HONORED.
      3.) submit your application to PTCFOR office in Camp Crame. you should be done in less than 1-2hrs depending on how many people are there.
      TIP: Just make sure your LTOPF and Firearms Registration are in colored. Or else if Black and White copy, you need to go to FEO to have it stamped “Certified true copy”. YOU DONT WANT TO DO THAT. FEO is like EDSA. It will eat your time.
      4.) Go home and wait for the sms from PTCFOR that your application has been approved. (usually 20-25days excluding holidays)
      5.) once you receive the sms Call that someone you gave an SPA and tell him to go to PTCFOR office (better if he knows where it is and he is not wanted by the police) and get the “OP” (Order of Payment) for your PTCFOR application
      6.) Once he got the OP, he should go to the nearest landbank branch and pay the OP. I hope you already found a way to give him the money for the fee (6,200 for private citizines but add a little bit of extra for “processing fee” if you know what i mean. sometimes they ask, sometimes they dont)
      7.) After paying in landbank, tell him to go back to PTCFOR and submit the paid OP. Then follow the instruction of the officers there on what to do next to get your PTCFOR ID card.
      8.) He should go to lbc and send you your card. shipping fee is usually around 200 pesos.
      if you dont know anyone to be that “someone” find Arjay Talosig in facebook and just tell me i replied to your comment about my post on PTCFOR and ill try to find for that “someone” for you. I said “ill try” ha? i did not say “i promise”

  1. Hi Sir/mam pwede magtanung mag aapply sana ako treat assestment..kumuha ako sa police station nasasakupan ko at sbi un may treat lng naaassist nla sa ngyn sa crame daw ang mga civilian na professional at bussinessman..san at panu po ba pwede kumuha nun sa crame..bussinessman po ako thanks

    • Hello JM! Im not sure po kung ano na ang bagong mga patakaran nila sa pag kuha ngayon pero as per my post, nag request ako sa main Police Station na nakakasakop sa lugar namin — Davao City Police Office (DCPO). Then sila na ang nag pasa ng request papunta sa sa Police Regional Office 11 (PRO11).
      And DCPO ay mga different stations dahil malaking lugar ang Davao City. wag ka dun sa mga stations. dun ka sa main office nila sa lugar nyo. but kung maliit na municipality kayo na-belong, usually one and the same lang yan.

  2. hi sir good day, what if you don’t have any proof of threat? but you’ve experienced dangerous situations like escaping potential robbers? and other similar non documented experiences that makes it reasonable for you to have PTC? thanks

    • well, i asked almost the same question from the officer that made the recommendation for my threat assessment, he said, if it was him, its not enough reason daw po because these are isolated incidents meaning its not everyday that you are targeted by bad elements. plus the fact that these incidents are undocumented, not even a blotter, makes it a hard sell for the part of this city intelligence officer. i could only guess that he too is answerable to his recommendations.
      im just not sure if they follow a specific guideline of what are the incidents that will prompt them to recommend for threat assessment or its purely up to the intelligence office. but im leaning towards the latter that is why i gave the tip to make good relations with the intelligence officer as i feel that he is the one in the driver seat on all this. if you get what i mean ๐Ÿ™‚

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  5. Sir..pano po ako makakakuha n PTT..
    Malabo kasi ako sa ptcfor gusto ko madala ang baril ko from gouse to range.
    Sa crame lang ba nakukuha un?
    Ano po requirements?
    Kasi i have work on weekdays so may way ba para makakuha ako nun ng d nagpupunta ng crame?

    • Hello Jer. Nakukuha po ang PTT (Permit To Transport) sa Crame and sa mga Police Regional Offices outside Metro Manila.
      Usually ito ang mga dapat nyong malaman/i-prepare:
      1.) alamin nyo lang ang name ng Head ng CSG (Civil Service Group) sa Crame or RCSU (Regional Civil Service Unit) sa mga regional offices outside metro manila.
      2.) gawa kayo ng letter stating the purpose why you would want a Permit to Travel as well as the inclusive dates. dun nyo i-address sa head ng CSG/RCSU yung letter.
      3.) isali nyo sa letter yung LTOPF information nyo as well as firearm information ng papagawan nyo ng Permit to Travel
      4.) kung wala po kayong Sport Shooter licenses a LTOPF nyo, 50 rounds lang ang usually ina-allow nilang live bullets na ma-transport nyo, otherwise up to 500 rounds ang pwede
      5.) submit nyo na po yung letter with an attachment of firearm registration and photocopy of LTOPF ID or LTOPF certificate
      as per experience with RSCU 11, isang PTT from your residence to the range and isa nanaman from range to residence where ang isang ptt is 200 pesos so ready na lang kayo ng 400 pesos. the duration depends on the purpose or how confident they are to you. Dati nung first time ko mag request, 1 day lang. katagalan umaabot na ng 7 days especially for out of town shooting competitions that they know involves traveling. however, RCSU 11 stopped issuing PTTs starting May 23, 2016 when Martial Law was imposed due to the Marawi crisis. but if youre outside Mindanao, you wont be affected by the Martial Law so not applicable
      Also, since its gun ban, dont expect they would issue you a permit to travel that quick. But when things normalize come June 13, im sure back to normal if you are outside Mindanao. Hope this helps! ๐Ÿ™‚

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