Request Letter for application of Threat Assessment (SAMPLE)

I received numerous requests to release a sample of Request Letter or Letter of Intent I used to apply for Threat Assessment as part of the requirements when you are applying for a Permit To Carry Outside of Residence (PTCFOR) as discussed in Getting a Threat Assessment and Applying for PTCFOR for a civilian non-Metro Manila person article.

This is just an ordinary request letter I personally made actually since when I asked the one in charge, he informed me that there is no specific formal for this. Just a plain request letter or letter of intent will do. So a normal formal request letter is what I did.

[Link to the File] Request Letter – Threat Assessment – SAMPLE download link


NOTE: Those inside the red <  > signs are just guides so you’ll have an idea what I placed there. Please remove them once you already filled them in with the correct information. Then since this is a formal letter, please convert everything to BLACK font color or else your letter would look funny and unprofessional and/or the one reading it, which is going to do your Threat Assessment, might think you’re not serious or you’re making fun of him. That is not a good idea and I wont take the blame for that.

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