Seller Review: Joseph Noel Penaranda – 4/5 Stars Rating

Few days ago I made a purchase from Joseph Noel Penaranda. Its for an ESDY Tactical Waterproof Outdoor Jacket that he is known to post in Facebook groups Im active in or I frequently browse from.
For a long time, Ive been wanting to have my hands on his seemingly nice jackets based from the pictures he is posting. Finally, a few days ago I gave in and I purchased from him. Heres what I think:


  • Communicates well
  • Detailed and organized when answering your queries about his product.
  • Prompt in answering your messages.
  • Has/Using a BPI account for convenience in sending the payment online.
  • Sends your order right away.
    • I ordered December 6, 2017 – Wednesday – around 10pm.
    • He was able to send me a picture of the package with LBC tracking number by 2:36pm of December 7, 2017 – Thursday.
    • It arrived in Davao City around the afternoon of December 9, 2017. Of course he no longer has any control of it after dropping it off to LBC. Im just stating the facts
  • High quality product the likes of those 5,000 to 9,000 jackets of known TactiCooL brands.
  • The product is how it was advertised.


  • I didn’t get the color I originally ordered
    • When I ordered (Dec. 6) he confirmed that he has the last remaining items for Gray color in X-Large size.
    • However, around  11:55am of Dec. 7 he notified me that he ran out of Gray in X-Large size so I had to choose between Tan (Brown), OD Green or Black. I chose Black because the other two colors are just not my style.
    • As mentioned above, the product is high quality and Im happy with it because it feels I got more than what I paid for but a tactical jacket in black screams aura/swagger of an “operator” which I consider an unwelcomed call for attention.
    • I understand that things happen in running a business but a seller’s words play a crucial role when engaging in non-face-to-face selling like online selling and it will cost him 1 star rating this time.
    • However, Im very willing to update this to a perfect rating when we will have another transaction in the future because this could have easily been one of the smoothest transactions I had. There’s still a little room for improvement.


More power to Mr. Joseph Noel Penaranda and looking forward to my next purchase from you in the future! 🙂


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