Grovtec Inside the Waistband Holster (IWB) for Tanfoglio FT9 380acp [Article in Filipino]

Ever since nag post ako ng Pink na Tanfoglio FT9 380acp ni Mrs. TactiCooL, may ilan na din ang bumili ng para sa kanilang sarili or sa kanilang Kumander. Ang sunod na laging tanong sakin is anong holster ang pwedeng magamit para dito for daily carry and range time.

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Mrs. TactiCooL finally found a pistol that she loves to use

Ladies, do you want that cool looking gun you can call as your own? Something that is as cool looking as your husband’s/boyfriend’s but distinctly and unmistakenly feminine, with light and manageable recoil but still pack a good punch to stop a bad guy from executing his evil plans, just in case you need to defend yourself and/or your little one(s)?

Boys, are you still looking for that one pistol that could make your wife/girlfriend to like shooting and become one of your range buddies because she would love to constantly shoot with you with this gun?

Read up! I might just help you end that search!

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Nag barrel drop ka na ba? Alam mo paano yun?

Para sa mga hindi pa nakakaalam:
The Barrel Drop Test – aka “Plunk” Test, Pregnancy Test, Landi Test, ASSP (Anti-Sayet Screening Procedure)
What is it for?
– to ensure proper fitting and chambering of rounds. Iwas jam. Maximum saya. Bawas pahiya. Dagdag pogi points. Para siguradong maganda ang video at maraming Instagrammable shots. Para kahit di maka-perform, japorm pa rin.
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Editable 1-pager DEED OF SALE for F.A.

Im preparing to sell the very first firearm under my name, my Glock 23 Gen4. Even if it has a very nice serial number, I havent been using it ever since I got my Glock 19 especially when I completed my Carry Optic build for G19 so I decided to let it go hoping it will be an essential tool to the new owner just like how it was to me when I first had it. My personal view towards guns that they should be used in practice, training or plinking in the range not keep in a dark closet or the gun vault.

When I thought I have everything set, I had it checked by Rey of Trust Trade Davao since he know these things well and to avoid wasting a long drive to the regional office then will be told that something is wrong with my documents. Right away he told me that my Deed of Sale is wrong because its more than one page, which from their experience (as a gun store) is causing errors when uploaded to that will result to unnecessary delays.

Since I know I wont be the only one in the country to sell unused firearm that goes through, Im going to share it to you hoping this will help you but all credits goes to Trust Trade Davao through Rey.

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Request Letter for application of Threat Assessment (SAMPLE)

I received numerous requests to release a sample of Request Letter or Letter of Intent I used to apply for Threat Assessment as part of the requirements when you are applying for a Permit To Carry Outside of Residence (PTCFOR) as discussed in Getting a Threat Assessment and Applying for PTCFOR for a civilian non-Metro Manila person article.

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