Mrs. TactiCooL finally found a pistol that she loves to use

Ladies, do you want that cool looking gun you can call as your own? Something that is as cool looking as your husband’s/boyfriend’s but distinctly and unmistakenly feminine, with light and manageable recoil but still pack a good punch to stop a bad guy from executing his evil plans, just in case you need to defend yourself and/or your little one(s)?

Boys, are you still looking for that one pistol that could make your wife/girlfriend to like shooting and become one of your range buddies because she would love to constantly shoot with you with this gun?

Read up! I might just help you end that search!


  • The firearm featured in the article was personally purchased. All mentioned brands are mere facts.
  • This blog is not paid/compensated in any way, shape or form for it. Especially not by Armscor or Armscor Davao to be exact. Dont ask why.
  • This article is NEVER implying that female casual shooters for defensive purpose are only limited to lesser recoiling calibers like 380acp. Its just what Mrs. TactiCooL prefers. Read the whole article first before going into a feminist beast mode. Relax tiger!

The Back Story

Ever since I bought my first firearm under my name, a Glock 23, back in 2016, I wanted my wife to be involved with it as its main purpose is for home defense. I didn’t expected her to train as serious with it like me. I just want her to at least know the basic operation and manipulation of it especially clearing of malfunctions. I accepted the fact that Im not Superman, no matter how I believe to be, sometimes, who is immune to bullets so if it just so happen that I get hit or Im not at home and a bad guy tried to pull off something crazy, Mrs. TactiCooL can give that motherfather an instant “acupuncture” if you know what I mean 😉.

Unfortunately, Glock 23 is producing just too much recoil for her to handle, I tried my luck for an all steel gun that uses the same ammo as my Glock 23 (40s&w) so I dont have to maintain another set of ammos and since Im also looking for a dedicated competition firearm that time, we tried RIA Pro Match Ultra 40s&w. 40s&w caliber is more manageable now but the firearm itself is too heavy for her her to use.

Then I got a Glock 19 for daily carry, thinking a 9mm will finally solve the problem. Mrs. TactiCooL will shoot it couple of rounds whenever we go to the range (with proper permits of course!), more than the total trigger pulls she made with the Pro Match Ultra 40s&w and Glock 23 combined, but I can see that its not something she enjoys doing and its not something she looks forward of doing it often with me also. Its more of just doing it because she knows she has to do it to protect herself and our Little TactiCooL just it case sh*t happens and Im away for work or critically wounded.

Knowing this, I set out on a mission to find that perfect handgun that Mrs. TactiCooL can comfortably shoot both for fun and home defense training with me. The goal was:

  • Should be something she can comfortably and accurately shoot
  • Should NEVER be a 22LR caliber as the caliber is known to be less reliable than the modern center fired calibers (personal preference)
  • Should look like a normal-looking modern gun.
  • No pocket pistols aka mouse guns, that are most of time James Bond-looking guns as they are very hard to accurately shoot especially for casual shooters due to its small size.
  • Should be something she can and will identify as her own (even if its registered under my LTOPF since we live in the same house where the gun is registered).

My search ended some time in March of 2019, during the election gun ban, when i asked my wife to go to a range date with me as Im itching to shoot. Luckily, the personnel of the range, King, offered to us this gun for her to use:

This is a Tanfoglio FT9-F 380acp (as per the label in the gun box) in Pink!

I will not bore you with its technical attributes as you can Google it. Rather, I will give you the PROs and CONs about it and the things we liked that ultimately pushed us to buy the gun. I also put below who to contact just in case you want one for yourself, be it in Black or also a Pink 😉. And of course picture comparisons with my Glock 23, as well as pictures of the different parts of the gun for your viewing pleasure:


  1. Its just a few millimeters shorter than my Glock 19/23 both in slide length and grip length.
  2. Since its almost like a full sized modern polymer gun, its very comfortable and manageable to shoot even for newbie/casual shooters.
  3. Its much lighter than my Glock 19/23. So a lighter framed person will be able to concealed carry it the whole day.
  4. The contours and ergonomics of the grip is so natural and comfortable to the hand, even for those with monster hands like me would love to keep on holding it.
  5. It uses 380acp caliber which doesn’t have a punishing felt recoil so newbie/casual shooters as well as lady shooters will love to to keep on shooting it.
  6. 380acp is relatively easy to aquire.
  7. And personally, 380acp is the minimum acceptable defensive caliber for me.
  8. Since casual and/or women shooters would love to shoot and practice with this gun more often, they’ll be more familiar to it and be more proficient and confident to defend theirselves with this, if the need arises.
  9. It has Second Strike Capability – sometimes even when there is one bullet loaded in the chamber, when you pull the trigger it will just go “click” but there is no “bang!”. Because its a “Double Action, Single Action” type of firearm (google if you require further explanation), you can pull the trigger again right away to do a second try, which usually will result to a “bang!” [otherwise, your bullet is defective or a dud, so you should rack the slide to chamber a fresh bullet, aim pull the trigger again].
  10. It is a Double Action, Single Action type of firearm where i can chamber a round/ammo, put the hammer down manually (as it doesnt have a decocker, just a safety) to not overwork the spring while being stored for a certain length of time, then put the firearm in the safe or lockable gun case. In times of emergency, Mrs. TactiCooL can just bring it out and if out of panic she forgot to pull the hammer up (im not saying she will, just if) and decide to just pull the trigger, it will still go “bang!”. Unlike Single Action only firearms like a typical 1911 (commonly called “porti payb” by Old Filipino dads, uncles or grand fathers) where when you forget to pull the hammer up, no matter how much you pull the trigger, nothing will happen.


  1. Outside Waistband (OWB) holster for practice use is non existent. Good thing this firearm has similar dimensions with the more famous Tanfoglio Force 99 so you can use its holsters. I ordered a Fobus holster for it and Ill update this part when it arrives and satisfied with it after having an ample usage time. Some owners are using outside waistband holsters for Beretta PX4 Storm.
  2. Inside Waistband (IWB) holster dedicated for it for daily concealed carry, is also non-existent. But so far my Stealth Gear USA’s Ventcore IWB Mini with Inforce APLc light barring holster fits it well even without light attachment.
  3. No aftermarket parts available.
  4. All modifications will be via your trusted gunsmith. Hoping he/she/it (gender neutral) knows how to modify a Tanfoglio firearm properly.
  5. Its prone to Light Primer Strike when used with Armscor factory ammos (you pull the trigger, it will “click” but no “bang!”). In our experience, in Mrs. TactiCooL’s gun, it happened 15 out of 200 rounds fired. While in TactiCooL Lady Cousin who also bought the exact Tanfoglio FT9-F 380acp also in Pink, we experienced 4 out of 50 rounds fired. Im not sure if some Armscor factory ammo’s primers are inconsistently just too hard compared to most other ammos in the box/packaging. But all Hornady Critical Defense 380acp and all Stronghand Davao’s 380acp Teflon reloads tested, a total of 120 rounds fired, all went “bang!” after the “click”. In all fairness to Armscor factory ammos, those that had light primer strikes on the first try, all fired on the second strike. But its something not acceptable for a gun that is a designated home defense gun because every “click” should result to a “bang!” when one’s life depends on it, so Im not recommending using Armscor factory ammo with this firearm.

In this video’s 53rd second, will show TactiCooL Lady Cousin firing her own Tanfoglio FT9-F 380acp in Pink (similar to Mrs. TactiCooL’s) in Armscor Davao Indoor Range using their of the shelve brand new factory loaded ammo:

You will witness what is described as #5 in CONs (Light Primer Strike) as wel as you will also witness the benefit of having a Strike Capability which is described in #9 under PROs.

Who to contact

If this is something you like, I would recommend to contact our sales agent, Ms. Fritz of Armscor Makati who facilitated both for Mrs. TactiCooL and TactiCooL Lady Cousin:

Fritz of Armscor Makati: 0939-338-5388

Note: when TactiCooL Lady Cousin bought her own Tanfoglio FT9-F 380acp, Ms. Fritz advised us that there are only 3pcs more in Pink left. And they operate in a First come, First serve basis so if you decide, act right away before it becomes sold out.


Mrs. TactiCooL and TactiCooL Lady Cousin’s twin Tanfoglio FT9-F 380 in Pink:

Side by side with my Glock 19 in Daily Carry Optic setup:

Comparison with my stock Glock 23

And finally, pictures of in and around the gun as well as its different major parts that helps it function well:

I hope that helps! 🙂✌️ 🇵🇭

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